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Meet the INTENSE students and faculty.


Terry Van Dyke

Auto Collision Faculty Advisor

As a 31 year veteran in the collision industry, Terry enjoys teaching and passing on knowledge to his students. The collision field is always changing and Terry provides students the opportunity to continue learning and to work on the most advanced vehicles.

work: 319-296-2329

cell: 319-269-8098

Colby Thiesen

Iowa Falls, Iowa

Colby is looking forward to returning to his hometown and working in collision repair. His dream is to become a professional vehicle refinisher, and thanks for the affordability of the Hawkeye program, he is able to do so. 

"Getting all the parts to work together makes this interesting for me," Colby says, "and I get satisfaction from fixing something and having it work the way it's supposed to work."

Working on show and custom cars might be something Colby will pursue in the future, but he admits, "I want to get into commission based work as soon as possible!"

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Bruce Dixon 2.JPG

Bruce Dixon

Waterloo, Iowa

Bruce admits a fascination with "million dollar bids", which explains much of his desire to get involved in automotive collision and refinishing as a career.

"I really like being able to network with different people and pick up additional skills," he explains. He also says patience and not rushing the work is probably the most difficult aspect of automotive refinishing. "I am surprised at the depth of how much needs go into mixing paint. There's a lot to learn."

Bruce has big dreams for the future once he picks up the necessary experience working in a commercial shop. "I'd like to open my own shop, of course, but I'd really like to open a chain of paint and refinishing shops across Iowa once I learn all the aspects of this business."

Hunter Fuller

Fairbank, Iowa

Working a year in an auto body shop provided Hunter with the incentive to get involved in the Hawkeye Community College Auto Collision Technology program. "I knew this is what I really wanted to do," he says.

Hunter has been most surprised by the virtual paint system the program uses to teach painting techniques and enjoys learning about the technologies that have changed within the industry over the years.

He agrees with classmates that getting everything perfect before applying the final finish is the most difficult aspect of automotive refinishing. "But I'm ready to get a job and start up my life in this work," he says, "and I hope someday I can operate my own shop."

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Ryan King 2.JPG

Ryan King

Tipton, Iowa

Family influenced Ryan's decision to enter the collision and refinishing industry with his dad and an uncle both long time professionals in the business. "Seeing a vehicle completely redone and the time it takes to accomplish that work in the proper way" is what has most interested him.

"You have to be super particular," Ryan explains, "and this program gives me a look at all the technologies involved in being successful in this type of work."

Like his classmates, Ryan is looking forward to getting out into the workforce and taking a position with a ship. "I'd like to own a restoration shop someday and really get into building high quality show cars."

Mondo Stanberry

Waterloo, Iowa

Having the opportunity to work hands-on and the precision required to complete a job successfully is what has drawn Mondo to the Hawkeye Community College Auto Collision Technology program. "To make something look the way you picture it in your mind is one of the most difficult aspects of this process," he explains. Mondo also likes the idea of being able to work on his own projects.

Mondo understands the industry offers some tremendous potential for jobs, but admits he may take another step and take on automotive technology as well. "My ultimate goal is to be comfortable financially," he says. And that's a goal everyone can agree on.

Mondo Stanberry_edited.jpg

Jesus Perez

Waterloo, Iowa

Jesus Perez admits being around cars is something he has always enjoyed, so learning new skills related to refinishing and repairing cars of all types suits him perfectly.

Handling a paint gun provides some special challenges for Jesus, but he knows each time he gets the opportunity to do some spraying, his skills get better.

Working in a collision/repair shop is his goal once he finishes his education at Hawkeye and hopes someday he will be able to open his own operation.

Cameron Scheidel

Cresco, Iowa

With a professional mechanic as his father, Cameron couldn't help but be exposed to cars growing up. The Hawkeye Community College Auto Collision Technology program is giving him a chance to understand how today's vehicles differ from older models, giving him a foundation or achieving his ultimate goal of following in his dad's footsteps.

"It's a lot of reading and learning," says Cameron, "but the hands-on and painting is my favorite."

Learning all aspects of automotive refinishing is just the beginning for Cameron, who intends to also get additional education in automotive technology so he can land that dream job as a mechanic.

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Josie Davenport 2.JPG

Josie Davenport

Tama, Iowa

Having one side of your family heavily into drag racing and being influenced by your dad to get interested in Mustangs pushed Josie in an obvious direction. "I have two Mustangs," Josie explained, "so I really wanted to learn how to work on them."

Josie says she is interested in the prep and paint process and is looking forward to when she can "make a car look perfect." Custom cars and handling painting chores gets her attention right now as she looks to the future, but she wants to continue into the Hawkeye Community College Automotive Technology program and possibly work toward a degree in technology management.

"What I'm learning right now is to take the time to do things right and be patient to get that perfect result."

Leam Wagenknecht

Waterloo, Iowa

Finishing a project properly is what interests Leam most. Learning all the techniques necessary to get a job done right fits perfectly into his appreciating the need for detail. The endless variety of paints that can be sprayed and the techniques required, make the entire process satisfying when complete.

"Painting technique is a lot more important than 1 first thought, "Leam explains. "And you have to concentrate on things like keeping your spraying overlap consistent." Leam understands the practice it will take to make him a good painter, something he would eventually like to do in a restoration shop, maybe in the Kansas City area.

"Right now it just feels right when I can get the process done correctly."

Leam Wagenknecht 2_edited.jpg
Raymond Goad 2.JPG

Raymond David Goad

Vinton, Iowa

His family being involved in the automotive industry influenced Raymond to move in that direction. "Learning the proper techniques will help me when I move into my own career," he said. "I've not been surprised at any of the aspects of the Hawkeye program so far."

Raymond finds all the processes challenging but paint matching may be one of the hardest things to master. "I know this training will give me the knowledge I need to get a position in a professional shop."

Grant Zaring

Waterloo, Iowa

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Tyler Phipps 1.JPG

Tyler Phipps

Dallas, Texas

Moving from learning theory to hands-on has kept the attention of Tyler, who plans to become as well educated in automotive technology and refinishing as possible before he finds his place in the industry. 

Welding has proven to provide the most challenge for Tyler, though he admits paint application can be tricky, but provides a level of fun once he sees the final results.

"I want to find my niche in the industry," Tyler explains, "but I think that will require understanding everything possible about how vehicles function and are structured."

Colten Mathes


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